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What People Are Saying

"William's book is an extension of the theories, practices and valuable implementations that have evolved out of his own successes. In other words, he understands the business, is successful at it, and is showing my company how we can do it as well. Be it a start-up that delivers comedy video channels to hospitals (because "laughter is the best medicine") is succeeding in raising capital thanks in part to William and his knowledge. We've met with him, looked him in the eye, and know he is a man who gets things done and a man of his word - so YES, I recommend this book!"

– Michael Riley

"This should be mandatory reading for all entrepreneurs (even seasoned ones who think they're doing things right). As a professional CFO for a number of years in a number of companies, I've been at the "spear's tip" on a number and of financings (some successful and many unsuccessful). Raising money is tough, but with the spot-on guidance found in William's book, the odds of raising capital will increase. This is simply a great resource for entrepreneurs. The anecdotes and conversational writing style make this an easy read for those without formal business education."

– Jack Allan

"Raise Capital Quickly taught me soo much more about the steps to acquiring funding then I originally knew. It's written in simple language and was actionable from the start. William goes through great lengths to explain and go deep into the what it takes to build up a profitable campaign. Great read all around."

– Mark Row

"Everyone starting their own business - or wanting to start their own business - should read this book. Learn how to do it right the first time and prevent costly mistakes."

– Richeli

"Answers questions you should be asking... William does an exceptional job of simplifying complex processes. Use this book to set up a strategy and move forward."

– Timothy Murphy

"I've personally used Mr. De Temple's counsel and methods to raise millions of dollars for my new company. He's a remarkably capable teacher, and his ideas have proven to be extremely helpful in raising funds for my startup. I'm sure the contents of this book would prove even more useful for established businesses that wish to pursue growth by obtaining new capital infusions."

– Anthony R.

"I have been running a business for 7 years now and it seemed that I was working for my business instead of on my business. William's book helped me see the mistakes I was making and why I was running myself ragged. What's the point of being your own boss if you can't spend time with your family? Now, I have the resources to hire the people that will take my business to the next level and allow me to take a step back and let my business work for me."

– D.E. Schmeichel

"Raising money for a business can be tricky and filled with sharks. What's even riskier is not educating yourself on all your options. This book is a map for easily determining and understanding your best path. In addition, I found the added resources inside, a nice surprise. Do yourself a favor and get this book."

– Dustin Mathews

"Not only is the writing superlative, Mr. De Temple gives hard hitting practical methodologies for the entire A to Z process of fund-raising. Follow the steps and you will undoubtedly see the results."

– Donnie Jordan

"William shows you how to rapidly raise capital and can show you many ways on how to do it in concise matters. Get out of your comfort zone and apply his practices. William has the ability to cut through the B.S. and gets to the heart of the matter!"

– Loves Books

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